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About Us

    We are here to present a few interesting products which are designed and developed by us. With a neat user interactive layout to push the competition by unique, reusable concepts for browser based, native applications that are avaiable in desktop, mobile, tablet devices. For better business deals after looking over the portfolio ‘send a message’ about the project details that need to donate or need our hands for better quality in lesser time.

    We had worked for startup organizations to large companies and individual clients. Developing scratch level projects and also for project enhancement, support and maintenance. We are strong experienced in various sectors like marketing, banking, internet communications and audio visualization by using famous technologies. We work various platform and technologies like html5(browser compatibility), css3, jQuery, ExtJS, Adobe Flex, AIR, Actionscript, Flash, PHP, core java, and Advance java. Android, iOS and BlackBerry (Mobile / Tablets) devices related using java, Flex and PhoneGap. Native application related Adobe AIR/Flex, Flash and Java.

    Owing to Straweb organization management, effective business policies and client-centric strategies, we have been successful in acquiring a widespread client-base across the world. We show special interest in jobs by diong better, ongoing trainings in new technologies and the right work methodologies for application suites. This leads us to make high quality products tailored to customer needs. Our restless and perfectionist attitude leads us to constantly research new solutions that can simplify and optimize business processes. All this places us at the forefront of new technologies in web application development.

    Great service matters. We’re known for responsive, clear, consistently stellar support that exceeds customer expectations more often than not. We work hard to make sure product /project is up to the mark with every client interaction.