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If in 2010 outsourcing seemed to be something suspicious and needs-to-be-verified, then today, on the threshold of 2014, outsourcing has become a reliable global industry with more to come. Software development, web design, content management are increasingly outsourced by both start-ups and IT monsters. And this tendency has its roots and reasons. Let us discuss the 10 top reasons for software outsourcing:

1. Team extension: Whether you are a startup, a software development team that needs additional IT resources or a non-IT business that needs informational technologies support to the core industry, you may need an outsourcing firm to provide you with all necessary IT specialists to augment your team.

2. Global talents: With outsourcing company, you get an immediate access to the global pool of all possible IT professionals. This is especially important for those regions where specific IT specialists are difficult to find. Outsourcing software development companies open the door to the unlimited resources selecting the best of the best specialists for your personal needs and requirements.

3. Time-control: The world of technologies will not wait a second. So you just do not have time to waste for long-term recruiting, background checks and interviewing. Let the managers of outsourcing company pick the right candidates for you in the shortest time frames. Another problem that is solved by contracting with outsourcing company is hiring resources for the period of your project and no longer. The developers from the outsourcing companies are used to short-term projects and the company takes care of finding a new project for them as the previous contract is ended.

4. Cost-saving: Most of savings come simply from less salaries paid for the same services in offshore countries like Ukraine, Malaysia, India, and China comparing with US and Western Europe. According to the statistics of 2013, Ukrainian developers salary ranges 1500$ to 4000$ monthly that is 2-3 times less than average US developer earns. Besides, when you outsource, you get rid of the costs usually accompanying the hiring process (training, health insurance, employment taxes, housing, retirement plans etc.).

5. IT support for business: Nowadays, hardly any business can ignore the Internet opportunities for power increase and attraction of new customers. The off-shore development gives you the chance to focus on your essential company goals while the outsourced development team takes care of the IT-side of the business.

6. Increase of productivity: Get 24/7 operation time instead of ordinary 40 hours per week! Some people may say that it is inconvenient to work having 10-hours difference between teams due to location in the opposite corners of the Earth, having morning meetings and waiting for an answer half a day. But think about positive moments: the development process that does not stop for night sleep and project support that lasts during the 24 hours! Besides, offshore developers are very flexible and can adjust their working day to the needs of the customer. Moreover, many people have already appreciated the early meetings as it is a good way to install the discipline and give the impulse to the whole day.

7. Risk mitigation: Risks connected to your project should be estimated before the development starts, which is quite a big deal that in case of emergency can cost you the whole project. You can address this question to the outsourcing company that usually has well-established project management system and verified formulas of the development process.

8. Technological prowess: Technological progress goes differently in different countries. For many people in developing countries the work in IT sphere is a real chance to enhance their life level and reach some career advancement. So they are ready to study hard to be in demand on the job-market. Also many post-Soviet countries, to which Ukraine also belongs, though having many economic problems, managed to save a well-grounded educational system and mathematical basis that allows to prepare excellent polymath IT professionals.

9. International experience: In the times of active globalization and fading of borders, IT intrusion is noticeable in all areas of life and the more international experience can be used the better for business. The best practices collected by different countries and viewing things in the different angles can bring a lot of benefits and unexpected openings. Besides, cosmopolitan teams can be preferable for business orienting their services towards the customers who live all over the world.

10. Business maturity: Extending the team with the offshore developers and acquiring the process of international team management as well as ability to establish a good communication with a team from another country put another coin into your “experience fund” and prepares your company management to possible international opportunities on the world market. And this process of maturity should never stop.

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